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Paloma-Sola LLC

serves by coaching

Individuals & Organizations

(for profit and not-for-profit)

creating and enhancing Best Practices from concept through maturity.

Serving those who serve!


35 years of successful business coaching, mentoring and research experience as well as leadership in for-profit, educational and  not-for-profit venues.

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Dr. Cheryl Novas, PHD

 Dr. Cheryl Novas

"My goal is to present a holistic approach to Best Practices, elevating your work to reflect your highest level of integrity and productivity."

Dr. Novas is credentialed and a long-time member of APA, ACA, APRA, AFP as well as the Hoffman Estates Chamber of Commerce.  Dr. Novas brings her 35 years of research experience through servant-leadership in the not-for-profit arena since 1991. Generative tutoring and mentorship and Montessori philosophy supports your scholastic and professional journey.

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