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My Recommended Scholarly Resources

Please find a curated list of Scholarly Resources for individuals and families that I have put together.  Check back often as I am looking to add more resources for my students and teams!

Illustrated Book Series for Children ages 8-12

Cover Book 1 My First Finance Book

The My First Finance Illustrated Book series is perfect for parents who are looking to teach their children about Personal Finance at a young age.

The three books in the series are filled with wonderful illustrations and relatable stories that will be easy to integrate into any household.

The cover a range of basic Personal Finance concepts such as defining money, saving, and budgeting; while also delving into more complete concepts such as starting a business and investing in the stock market. 

These are "must-have" books for any growing family!

Coloring Book Series for Children ages 6-8

Book 1 My First Finance Coloring Book

The My First Finance Coloring Book series covers the same great content as the illustrated series, but written for a slightly younger audience!

These five books are filled with great coloring pages and fun lessons for the children to learn while staying active through coloring!

They introduce the same concepts, but at a more basic level so that the children can understand the concepts.  

These books are perfect for a very young family, or for a family with one or more children in the Illustrated age range (8-12) that also want their younger children to be involved!

Curriculum for Teachers, Educators, and Parents

Lesson Plans for My First Finance Book

The My First Finance Book team has also put together a phenomenal series of Lesson Plans and Presentation Slides to go along with the books.

These package deal items were created with Home-school Parents, In-Class Teachers, and After-School Activity Administrators in mind!

The packages come complete and ready to be taught, and there's no need for prior Personal Finance knowledge from the instructor - the Lesson Plans have enough detail to have you covered!

As one of the early reviewers of the Lesson Plans, I'm confident in their ability to bring value to any teaching scenario!

Use Promo Code PALOMASOLA to take 5% off your order!

The Authors

The Authors of the My First Finance Book, Ben Hofstetter and Nick Zehrung, are friends of mine through my Non-Profit Consulting arm.  Ben and Nick are both U.S. Army Veterans who started the My First Finance Book series business as a way to combat the issue of financial illiteracy they saw from their young Soldiers.  Their mission is to teach a baseline of Financial Literacy to all students and help curb the rising spread of Debt induced issues that we are facing today.

My First Finance Book Authors
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